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Success Is In the Details
Success is in the details. Onsite is where money is lost or saved and where decisions make the difference between success and total disaster. Knowledge of how hotels and convention centers work is critical - whether it involves space planning, people flow, F&B, or union issues. Technology has to work and registration has to flow smoothly.

Comprehensive Site Management

Space Planning - AMI understands how to plan the event "flow" between breakouts, G/S's, exhibit floor
Food & Beverage Management - We negotiate the hotel or catering contract to minimize cost
Onsite Management - We have 18 years experience managing facilities, vendors, and union labor

Site Selection
We handle site selection, contract negotiation, and space planning. We also:

Match your events with the right sites
Negotiate with hotels and convention centers to get the most favorable contracts for our clients
Have over 18 years experience working with large and small facilities

Venues Market Your Event
The choice of venue reinforces your marketing goals. If your primary market is local attendees, pick a venue that is convenient and doesn't require overnight travel. For your "national" market, you need a major destination location to attract out-of-town prospects.

Venues Build Image
The location of the conference sends a strong message to your prospective attendees. An exciting locale suggests a growing company and solid products, and that you're willing to make the investment in your customers and members.

More Info
For more information on venue management services:
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