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Support Solutions for Business Conferences

Supporting Conferences Is All We Do
We're not a generic answering service. Our support professionals know events inside and out - event terminology and formats, and the unique needs of conference attendees.

Comprehensive Training
Our customer service professionals quickly become experts on your event including session content, the venue, fees, what exhibitors are participating, and who to contact in your organization for te chnical questions. They are guided by a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Extended Hours
Our Call Center is open 9:00am to 8:00pm (Eastern Time) Monday-Friday to serve your attendees. Earlier and later hours are available as needed.

Phone/Email Support
All in-coming calls are routed to an available registration coordinator through dedicated 1-800 and direct dial numbers. A dedicated email address is available for attendees to register and make in quiries about the event.

"Fax-2-Email" Access for All Faxed Registration Forms
Inbound faxes are routed to the conference email inbox. This ensures that attendees will never receive a busy signal or error message when faxing registrations. A complete electronic record of all faxes with date/time stamps is kept.

Lighten the Load
For even a small conference, the volume of phone calls can be enormous and responding to emails can take even more time. AMI removes this support load from your internal staff.

"Professionalize" Your Call Answering
Because of the challenges of providing good attendee service, some companies don't even offer phone or email support. But attendees need phone support to resolve problems and connect on a personal level with you. We offer customized answering and highly trained operators.

Extend Your Reach
While we're supporting your attendees, we can also proactively reach them. Our Operations Center can send email broadcasts and place outbound phone calls to your database of prospects. These activi ties are an integral part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

More Info
For more information on attendee support solutions:
(650) 416-2401