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Deliver The WOW!

Tired of the Same Old Thing?
With AMI's production expertise and access to headline talent, we produce events that attendees will never forget. Why settle for the ordinary when we can get you former presidents, top rock and roll bands or Bill Cosby? Don't settle for the bland when you can have the WOW!

Extend Your Brand
Sound and images brand your company as an industry player. They create an experience unlike any other part of the conference. They make prospects buy and influence channel partners to invest more in your vision for the future. They motivate employees. They create excitement, a sense of community and brand name recognition that impact attendees long after the conference ends.

AMI Can Make It Happen
Producing exciting events requires a thorough knowledge of stage design, equipment, speaker management, and entertainment. It requires coordinating general sessions, special events, and break-outs. It demands both technical knowledge and creative insight. AMI has the experience to make it all happen.

Reinforce the Marketing Message
Events are often referred to as "experiential" marketing because production values are integral to the message you sending to your attendees. Dynamic messaging requires exciting visuals and music, professional execution, and world-class speakers.

Select the Right Vendors
Production labor and equipment constitute two of the biggest expenses in your budget. You can keep these costs under control with careful vendor selection and comprehensive vendor management. AMI takes control of the RFP process. We review multiple bidders and match the right ones to your event based on your show size and complexity.

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