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Grow the Numbers

Where's YOUR Marketing Plan?
Start growing your event by focusing on the most important goals -- attendance and revenues. Managing logistics is a critical part of the overall conference planning process, but the ultimate measures of success are high attendance and revenues. Achieving these goals requires a detailed marketing plan that keeps you on time and on target.

Balanced Media Campaign
Increase the numbers with a balanced, well-planned and methodical marketing campaign. Are you mixing print, email, and telephone follow-up? Is your message consistent? Are you staying on schedule?

Who's Your Target Audience?
Are you targeting customers or prospects, local attendees or national? What's the quality of your list and how are you growing it? Are you using the web to coordinate and centralize list management?

Your "product" is the content of your event. Make your event more attractive by upgrading the power and appeal of your breakouts, general sessions and special events. Consider booking world-class speakers, top industry experts, and big name entertainment.

Target Market Analysis
A great marketing plan is worthless if you're chasing the wrong audience. It is critical to carefully define who you are trying to reach at your conference. Is your audience primarily local, regional or national, customers or prospects?

List Acquisition
How current and "clean" is your database of prospects? Are you relying primarily on last year's attendee list? Make sure there are phone numbers for telemarketing and emails for broadcasting. Consider acquiring new lists. AMI can help you find them.

Strategy & Implementation
Deadlines are the heart of this business. Completing tasks on time can the difference between success and failure. The best plan will fall apart if it isn't implemented properly and on time.


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