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Take Your Event to Another Level

Find the Inspiration
AMI starts the creative process by determining what impact you want to make on your audience. Whether the objective is to educate, create an experience the attendees will never forget, launch a new product or all of the above, AMI has the supplier relationships and experience to deliver your vision. We conduct talent searches for top-line entertainers, musicians, authors, industry experts, celebrities and/or politicians based on the theme of the event and your meeting objectives.

Deliver the Vision
AMI will act as the single point of contact with the equipment, labor and catering vendors to coordinate production logistics. AMI will

  • Conduct site inspections of special event venues.
  • Solicit proposals from production suppliers that are a match for the size and complexity of your event.
  • Negotiate contracts with selected suppliers and talent.
  • Develop budgets for F&B, site fees, and talent and manage those budgets throughout the project.

Find the WOW!
The event experience is critical to delivering your product or service message. AMI helps translate your goals into a memorable experience.

The AMI Partnership Network
AMI partners with DMCs in every major city in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

More Info
For more information on special events services:
(650) 416-2401